Zidane insists that Real will do the post-Ronaldo revolution

Coach Zinedine Zidane has recently shared about plans to renew Real Madrid in the summer of 2019 with some names that can be left and some will be retained.

Karim Benzema: “Benzema is suitable for all teams because he can connect all the stars together. Benzema is a very active player and not a typical number 9. There are times, I He wants to play in midfield and play wide. He also understands that he can do a lot of things. This guy can sometimes score like a number 9 or play as a servant. “

Toni Kroos: “Kroos is a very good player and everyone sees it. He has done a lot of things in 5 years with Real. It’s a form of player who is always calm before all the pressure. I’m very Like Kroos and always admire him, Kroos will not attend the match with Leganes because of something like gastroenteritis, we will have to thoroughly examine the condition of Kroos before we can make a decision. “.

Isco: “There are many players here who can transfer to other top clubs because they are quality stars. Many teams want our players. That’s absolutely nothing. Isco is a bridge The player is important to Real and I really like him. We can consider everything in the future. “

Cristiano Ronaldo: “We can recruit any player but no one will do what Ronaldo has done. Cristiano’s case is something we cannot change, he has left. Ronaldo has made great contributions to the club and we appreciate it, Ronaldo is now continuing his career at another club and is tired of repeating. that we cannot win any trophies at the end of this season but Real will come back stronger in the near future “.

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