Why is Chelsea so mad when Hazard is removed from the Premier League?

The British Professional Players’ Association (PFA) recently announced the Premier League squad for the 2018/19. Notably, while United’s Paul Pogba is honored, Chelsea star Eden Hazard is not present.

The fact that Pogba is in the typical squad might be a surprise, because his M.U is having a bad season when he is currently ranked No. 6 on the standings. Meanwhile, it was not unreasonable that many Chelsea fans showed disgruntled face when Hazard was abandoned.

They are also annoyed because Hazard’s contributions to Chelsea (ranked 4th Premier League) are very clear. If you count the number of times Hazard scored on Chelsea’s goals this season, he even did better than Sergio Aguero or Raheem Sterling, Man City’s attacking duo named in the typical squad.

According to statistics, from the beginning of the season Hazard contributed up to 16 goals and 13 assists for Chelsea in the Premier League alone. In total, Chelsea’s “10” has put 29 goals, 2 more than what Sterling and Aguero did. It must be said that, as what Hazard once shared, this 1991-born player is having the best season ever.

Evidence is that when the season has three more rounds to finish, Hazard has balanced the record of the number of goals he scored in the Premier League in one season (16 goals, season 2016/17). In terms of constructivism, the former midfielder Lille even broke the record for the number of passes to help his team-mate score set in the 2012/13 season (11 assists).

Although Hazard is not included in the list above, he is comforted somewhat as one of the six nominees for the best Premier League title this season. In addition to Hazard, the remaining 5 candidates are Aguero, Sterling, Silva, Mane and Van Dijk.

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