Trauma again haunts De Bruyne

With Kevin De Bruyne, this season is really a nightmare when constantly having to quit playing because of injury. Until the final days of the 2018/19 campaign, he still refused to let go of the poor Belgian midfielder.

38 minutes in the second leg against Tottenham, Kevin De Bruyne hit the shot. But he lost his balance, fell down, and when he got up, realized that his left leg did not follow the instructions of the brain. The Belgian midfielder was forced to leave the field and face the risk of a long break, the fourth in the 2018/19 season.

Sharing with the press, Pep Guardiola sadly said that De Bruyne was more likely to be absent from the Manchester derby, and before the doctors made an official conclusion, he said it was a hamstring injury.

For the optimists, this is good news because at least it is not related to the knee, De Bruyne’s sensitive position has caused him to stay up to 169 days since the 2015/16 season to date. But if you look at things in a pessimistic way, it seems that the 27-year-old midfielder is more and more vulnerable to injuries and injuries are developing in a more diverse trend.

Earlier this season, De Bruyne took a 63-day break because of a serious ligament injury in his right knee. In November, he was absent for 43 days because of his left knee pain. And he also left the grass yard in March to treat the thigh problem.

That’s why the midfielder has finished second in the race for the PFA’s Best Player of the Season only 23 matches in all competitions this season, including 14 (966 minutes) in the Premier League. Can’t make regular appearances, of course his statistics are quite poor, with 5 goals and 8 assists (2 and 2 in the Premier League alone).

In fact, De Bruyne can still improve this achievement, if you look at the recent booming performance (marking 7 goals in the last 6 games). But unfortunately, at that time, the injury hit, on the 38th minute against Tottenham.

From City’s perspective, this is clearly a big loss. If in doubt, can review the match against Tottenham in the Champions League semi-final semi-finals. Within 55 minutes, the Belgian star made an assisted hat-trick to help Raheem Sterling and Sergio Aguero score.

At the time David Silva lost his sharpness, De Bruyne became the main source of assassination passes, putting his teammates in a position that could not be better to score. That’s why many fans have scolded Guardiola, if only he used this player in the first leg at Tottenham Hotspur, Man City could have avoided defeat.

Anyway, things can’t be changed. But in front of Man City there are still two fronts to acquire all domestic titles. The key may lie in the Manchester derby on Wednesday night. And everything became difficult when De Bruyne had to sit out. Techniques, strength, dynamism and vision of the 27-year-old midfielder can help Man City make a difference.

The great value of De Bruyne

Ever since playing in Man City in the 2015/16 season, De Bruyne has been involved in seven minor major injuries to miss a total of 228 days. However, he still scored 40 goals and created another 65 goals in 165 appearances, averaging 1.57 matches per mark in a goal.

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