Transfer April 26: Push two names, M.U signed a record of rookie expensive record; Barca seized 100 million from the Red Devils

The season nearing the end is also the time when European giants are planning to launch big deals in the summer.

No way Tottenham sold Kane. Mauricio Pochettino coach is confident that Spurs’ financial foundation is strong enough to not need to sell pillars like in the past. Real Madrid is ready to spend £ 200m on Kane – Alli. Even so, the Argentine rulers insist that the Champions League semi-finals help Tottenham players gain confidence in the club’s future.

Real sold, Liverpool is about to have “Modric cottage” for 32 million pounds.

TeamTalk reported that Liverpool has quickly made moves to approach the brightest talent of Real Madrid. Accordingly, in order to get Dani Ceballos, The Kop will probably have to spend an amount of about 32 million pounds.

Dortmund made a bid for Jadon Sancho. According to Bild, he did not want to sell Sancho Jadon but if he had to leave the 19-year-old British star to leave in the summer of 2019, Dortmund wanted to collect at least 80 million euros. Currently, many big Europeans want Sancho’s signature including Chelsea, Man City, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Man United.

In order to have “Ramsey replacement”, Arsenal had to pay £ 26 million
Chelsea decided to choose £ 30 million despite the earnest dedication
Arsenal shocked Eric Bailly. The center back played for Espanyol and Villarreal while Unai Emery coach led Sevilla. The Spanish coach was impressed with Bailly and tried to bring him back to PSG but failed. Therefore, Unai Emery coach wants to recruit Eric Bailly, especially when the midfielder has a price suitable for his “budget”.

Barca spent £ 100 million to buy Marcus Rashford. According to Daily Mail (UK), Barca can confidently win Marcus Rashford’s service this summer for £ 100 million. M.U plans to spend a summer with many fluctuations in force, so Barca wants to take this opportunity to buy Rashford.

Straight hands sacrifice Pogba + Sanchez, M.U summoned ‘beasts’ 130 million euros. Man United are planning to sell off Alexis Sanchez and Paul Pogba during this summer’s transfer window. It is known that releasing a small part of the salary from Pogba and Sanchez will help United more comfortable in chasing the blockbuster. Rai Sport confirmed that the Red Devils are ready to destroy the 130 million euro safes, to recruit Kalidou Koulibaly.

M.U deal with Rabiot. M.U is accelerating the process of personnel reform, and Adrien Rabiot may be one of the first pieces of coach Solskjaer. The recent crisis shows that M.U’s midfield is too weak. With the signing of Rabiot in free form, M.U is not affected by the transfer budget, can buy another class midfielder.

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