Premier League scorer race: Salah hit the gas to catch Aguero

Liverpool and City are not only a race between two candidates for the Premier League throne this season, but also a race between Mohamed Salah and Sergio Aguero. Will the last throttle hit the season to help Salah overcome Aguero?

After spending six consecutive matches in the Premier League and seemingly raised a white flag in the scorer race with Sergio Aguero and Mohamed Salah, he returned to the match in the last two matches. He continued to hit Southampton and Chelsea to catch up with El Kun on the list of the best scorers this season. Both are owning 19 goals.

It is difficult to make a prediction about the winner of the race between Salah and Aguero. The Egyptian assassin is returning with the best performance at the time of Liverpool’s goal, while Aguero is stalling because of injury. El Kun missed the opportunity to improve his goalscoring performance against two rather soft opponents Cardiff and Crystal Palace.

Looking at the schedule, Salah is much more profitable than Aguero. In the last 4 rounds, the chance for him to score more goals is extremely high when Liverpool’s opponents are only Cardiff, Huddersfield, Newcastle and Wolves. Meanwhile the challenges ahead of Aguero are Tottenham, Man United, Burnley, Leicester and Brighton. As long as El Kun fights in two big matches with Spurs and Man United, he will likely be smoked by Salah.

However, Aguero is more appreciated by experts because it has more ability to make tables than Salah. In Aguero’s 19 goals this season, he scored 2 goals from head to head, 10 goals with his left foot and 7 from his right foot. Meanwhile, Salah’s 19 goals had 17 goals scored with his left foot.

Aguero also lost a few shots to score a goal more than Salah. The Argentinian striker released 97 finishes this season to score 19 goals, while Salah’s 19 goals were the result of 116 shots. Specifically, Aguero lost an average of 5.1 times to score and Salah lost 6.1 times.

Thanks to a higher degree of expertise, current Aguero is also on the brink of winning a top scorer than Salah in the eyes of European bookmakers. Bet365 offers the odds of putting 4 to 6 for the prospect of Aguero to hit the top scorer this season, and Salah’s rate is 8 to 13.

Even so, all the differences between Salah and Aguero are extremely low. This foreshadowed a fierce race between these two assassins in the Premier League finish line. If Salah wins the top scorer this season, he will have the second consecutive honors – the feeling that Aguero has never experienced.

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