M.U spent 13 million pounds to get rid of Sanchez

BLD Man United is considering the ability to liquidate Alexis Sanchez striker at the end of the season. To realize this goal, they are willing to pay half of the salary Sanchez is entitled to.

Sanchez is pocketing £ 500,000 every week. The contract between him and the team at Old Trafford still has more than 3 years to expire. The final decision on the future of the former Arsenal star is still decided by coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. However, the management of the “Red Devil” has publicly expressed his desire to liquidate this player.

The problem with M.U is Sanchez has too high income. This is a big obstacle for any team that wants to win his service. To solve the problem, BLD M.U is ready to support partners to help them get rid of “debt department” named Sanchez. Specifically, M.U accepts to pay 50% of the salary for the player with the No. 7 shirt even when Sanchez moves to the new parking lot.

That means, Sanchez can still receive £ 26 million in salary / season when changing clubs, but half of these are fees that M.U must pay. The fact that M.U was willing to suffer was no longer subject to Sanchez proving that they were fed up with an attacker born in 1988.

This is completely understandable since since moving to Old Trafford from Arsenal in January last year, Sanchez has not contributed much to M.U. Up to now, he has kicked 44 games for the Reds at every playground and scored only 5 goals (3 goals in the Premier League).

Kai Havertz: Europe’s best young midfielder?

Considered to be one of the top 10 fastest Bundesliga players, spending approximately 100 appearances for the club, at the age of 20, Kai Havertz is slowly becoming an idol at Bayer Leverkusen.

At his age, Havertz outperformed the extraordinary England midfielder who played Leverkusen like Michael Ballack, Toni Kroos or Arturo Vidal. Joining the team at the age of 11, Havertz debuted in the first team in October 2016 from the bench against Werder Bremen, becoming the youngest player in the club’s history in the Bundesliga. That season, he played a total of 28 times and scored 4 goals.

“I only really realized my opportunity two or three years ago,” Havertz told Bundesliga.com. “We won the national U17 championship. That’s when I was called up for a first-time training. ”

As fast as it was released in the Bundesliga, Havertz had a “Champions League” display and broke a record for the youngest player in Leverkusen to attend the playground. It was the first leg of the round of 16 against Atletico Madrid. In the second leg, he could not attend because he was busy … taking a school test.

Other records were set when Havertz became the youngest player to score for Leverkusen in the Bundesliga. At the age of 18 and 307 days, he was the player who reached the first 50 Bundesliga matches. The second season played for team one, he scored 3 goals and created 9 other goals for his teammates. And of course, he didn’t stop.

“I think the ability to read matches is one of my strongest points,” Havertz said. “I’m quite calm when holding the ball and can make good decisions quickly.”

Havertz, with his rare age capabilities, is slowly becoming an irreplaceable pillar in Leverkusen, scoring goals in his 100th Bundesliga debut. And again, I’m not yet 20 years old.

“If you can go one or two steps ahead of your opponent, you seem to have won,” Leon Bailey commented on Bundesliga.com when referring to his teammate. “And I think he got it.”

Havertz has scored 14 goals since the start of the 2018 season 19, 6 of which were the goals for the opening goal for Leverkusen. Eight of them have come since coach Peter Bosz changed his team’s attacking play, helping the raw jewel Havertz shine. No wonder he hasn’t missed a match since the beginning of the season, and his name will definitely continue to be filled in every match.

“You can understand why Leverkusen’s Director Rudi Voeller called Havertz a hundred-year talent,” commented Lothar Matthaeus. “He plays a ball full of desire, plays comfortably, he is very fast, can score goals, contribute to the play, hard for the team, and he is too young.”

When a football legend understands the Bundesliga as well as Matthaeus has commented, it may be harder to convince. Leverkusen owns a jewel. Havertz, one of Europe’s best young midfielders.

Kai Havertz

Born on June 11, 1999, in Aachen, Germany
Height: 1.88 m
Location: Public midfielder, central midfielder, right striker
Right foot: Left
Club: Bayer Leverkusen, 105 games, 25 goals and 22 assists (2016 – now)
Germany national team: 3 appearances (2018 – now)

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