Klopp’s teacher and teacher – How is Coutinho broken?

Today, Philippe Coutinho returns to Anfield’s old roof when Barcelona make a guest against Liverpool in the Champions Laegue semi-final. No matter what the outcome of the match, Coutinho’s coach and coach Juergen Klopp also broke. The process of disintegration is a long and sad journey.

Coutinho is Klopp?

So far, Coutinho has moved to Barcelona for a season and a half. The Brazilian midfielder moved from Liverpool to Barca in January 2018 at a price of up to £ 142 million. If Coutinho decided to stay in Liverpool at the time, would the Liverpool results be better and whether the Coutinho personal record would be brighter? Barcelona have won the La Liga this season, have stepped into the Champions League final this season, but is Coutinho personally fuzzy compared to himself in Liverpool? There are a series of controversial questions. Only know that between Coutinho and coach Klopp now, the teachers and teachers have been so beautiful that they are no longer intact.

The crack in Coutinho’s relationship with Klopp is described by Spain’s Sport newspaper as “a divorce marriage” in the first half of the 2017/18 season. According to Sport newspaper, Coutinho met Klopp privately to present his desire to leave in the summer of 2017. He confessed that he no longer had the motivation to continue fighting for Liverpool. I want to get Klopp to leave Klopp.

But Klopp didn’t agree with Coutinho. Coutinho is not a medium. He decided to find ways to get out, including having to play the rebel. The Liverpool side announced that Coutinho was injured. According to Sport’s description, Liverpool has “produced” Coutinho’s injury. Stuck in place in August 2017, Coutinho is still summoned to Brazil, still determined by the Brazilian Football Federation to be completely healthy.

When the summer transfer window of 2017 ended and Coutinho was not transferred to Barcelona as expected, he did not plan to join Liverpool in the Champions League. After being encouraged by his family and his representative, Coutinho decided to fight with Liverpool as usual.

However, the good relationship between him and Klopp is no longer available. Between them, there is only the relationship between coach and player completely in the professional perspective. Coutinho was pushed onto the bench, accepting Klopp’s decision. However, he found that Klopp did not need to try to act so imposing. In Coutinho’s eyes, Klopp doesn’t have to try to punish him to show his power like that.

Coutinho asked his agent to arrange for him to leave Liverpool early in January 2018 but late in Summer 2018. He found himself betrayed here. In fact, on January 6, 2018, Liverpool confirmed an agreement to sell Coutinho to Barca.

Or does Coutinho not respect him?

Meanwhile, the SportsJoe site said that it was Coutinho who didn’t respect Klopp first. Everything broke up starting Friday morning, July 21, 2017. At that time, Klopp and Liverpool players were having a Summer training in Hong Kong. Phone of Liverpool newspaper has a message. Liverpool’s Michael Edwards, with the representative of The Kop, informed Klopp that they had just turned down an offer of £ 72m from Barca to lure Coutinho away from Anfield.

Liverpool’s position is clear: they will not sell Coutinho at any price. And the task they gave Klopp was to convince Coutinho to stay, to make him understand that “he needs to be responsible, stay behind because of the club’s ambition and his teammates”.

The views of Liverpool’s Board of Directors are very clear. Important is that, how is Coutinho’s attitude?

When Klopp entered the dining room of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, he felt the answer was not positive. Coutinho’s face was different, his body movements changed. No more familiar, natural like every day.

Klopp figured it was true that there was a problem with Coutinho. He made an appointment to see him in the evening on the same day so that the two sides could talk to each other frankly.

In front of Klopp, Coutinho shared that he was very happy at Liverpool. I love Liverpool club. But he still needs change. Because … Barcelona and your family. Coutinho stated that in his playing career, not only did he decide. There is also the voice of his parents, his wife Aine. He confided his parents, his wife urging him to move to Barcelona. Because they find that life in Barcelona city is more warm, sunny and more suitable for their culture, their lifestyle. They could not adapt to the cold life, much rain in the fog. And that time, they had to die because Coutinho played in England. It was time for Coutinho to not let his relatives continue to sacrifice for him.

Klopp is in that position “on the anvil under the hammer”. Below, Coutinho demands to go. On the BLD, the commander had to keep Coutinho at all costs.

Summer 2017, Klopp and BLD Liverpool have succeeded in not letting Coutinho leave. But the teacher-student relationship between Klopp and Coutinho is no longer rescuing, before Coutinho left Liverpool in January 2018.

Ignore Klopp’s advice

Klopp once told Coutinho that if he continued to stay in Liverpool, he would get a statue here. If he moved to whether Barca, Real or Bayern, PSG, he is just a normal player like other people only. Coutinho didn’t listen to Klopp’s advice.

Liverpool fans called for booing Coutinho

Before the Liverpool – Barca match at Anfield tonight, many Liverpool fans are calling on social networks to “sing together and boo Coutinho and Suarez”. They insisted on yelling at these two “traitors” from the start of the whistle to the end.

Replace teams, change transport

During 6 seasons of Liverpool shirt, Coutinho did not get any titles. After nearly a season and a half of playing for Barca, he had two La Liga championships, a Spanish King’s Cup and a Spanish Super Cup.

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