Jurgen Klopp – Liverpool trembles because of the ghost of Hector Cuper

Everything went very well, your team kept on winning in the midweek and weekend matches to go straight to the end of the season or the finals. However, at this time, when I was 1-2 rounds or 90 minutes away from the Silver Cup, the whole team fell face down in an incomprehensible way. The cup falls into the hands of others, and you sit and count the necks for the runner-up. And when the number of runner-up titles keeps coming in season by season, each season makes you feel self-motivated to say “Next season will be ours”, then you will be startled to realize: Cease to die , or am I haunted?

The main story is of Liverpool, the strong candidate of both the Premier League and the Champions League 2018/19. With the current score of 91, Liverpool have already won the Premier League as Man United, but they can finish this season with 97 points.

Unfortunately, even if it’s 91 or 97 points, there is a risk of becoming a record of regret if Man City does not lose any points from now until the end of the 38th round. They will be crowned with 98 points and crush the dream. The Kop’s first Premier League championship.

Those are the shocking outcomes that Juergen Klopp and Liverpool lovers have seen as true since the last Manchester derby, with City’s convincing 2-0 victory. Despite Liverpool playing well throughout the season, what made them fall into the situation of “avoiding runner-up, meeting the second prize” like this.

In terms of expertise, Liverpool’s mistake comes from a period of unstable competition from early February to early March 2019. For some reason, Liverpool allowed Man City to level the points with a very safe score (7 points) as they drew close to Leicester City (January 30), West Ham (February 4). ), Man United (February 24), and Everton (March 3).

It was 4 draws with 8 lost points that made Liverpool fall into a situation where Man City could catch up. By the time I dreamed and tried to speed up with the “5-star” victories before Watford or Huddersfield, it seemed that everything was late for Coach Klopp. Self-determination is no longer in their hands.

Liverpool’s story sounds very normal in football. As soon as Juergen Klopp’s former team is Dortmund in the Bundesliga this season. They won the first leg in Bayern Munich’s systematic decline, but now, they have 99% failed in the championship race because of tactical mistakes and not taking advantage of opportunities.

But with Liverpool is another story. Is there a haunting phenomenon when the English champions of the league have never won since the tournament was changed to the Premier League? It was a long time of 29 years.

Not only that, but there have been many seasons when Liverpool are coming to the finish line suddenly collapsed, for example in the 2013/14 Premier League with Steven Gerrard’s classic slip, a pain that is forever unstoppable if Liverpool still not champion.

Gerrard and Liverpool stars like Luis Suarez will never be able to understand why he lost the championship. The enthusiasm, determination to have redundancy, the official opponent has raised the white flag, but then Liverpool lose, lose, and lose to offer the trophy to Man City. Like what is happening this season.

The greater the panic of Klopp and The Kop when this glorious, memorable season promises a familiar end: White Hand. Both Liverpool and Man City have only met weaker opponents in the remaining two rounds. Liverpool’s attempt to score many goals is not a problem if Man City do not lose points.

In the Champions League, this Wednesday, Liverpool will enter the semi-final round with Barcelona, ​​the opponent is even stronger than Real Madrid of the final last season. Barcelona has just finished the La Liga battle with the championship, so it is enough to calculate to wait for a struggling Liverpool in a couple places.

It seems, at this time, Juergen Klopp is seeing a familiar figure waiting for him: Hector Cuper – a legendary ghost of great runners.

Do you believe in the story of soccer balls? There is no need to wait for your answer, the football world has confirmed its mystical story with a few famous characters, notably coach Hector Cuper, although he seems strange to the ball fans. young rock.

A 63-year-old coach, there is nothing more than a few games stops such as Mallorca, Valencia, Inter, Betis, Parma, Egypt and now leading … Tel Uzbekistan is information that can be obtained from Wikipedia. The number of titles is also equally good, such as Copa CONMEBOL or Spanish Super Cup.

But Cuper is still a symbol, even though it is a symbol of blackness. Like the player Michael Ballack, Cuper is the “second runner-up” in the coaching village. Indeed, Cuper is “interested” in second place, from trophies to championships. With small football team Mallorca, he went to the King’s Cup finals in 1997/98, finals (UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup) in 1998/99 Cup, and lost to Barcelona and Lazio respectively.

In the early 21st century, Cuper alone placed Valencia on top of the European football map by helping the team enter two consecutive Champions League finals in the 1999/00 and 2000/01 seasons. As a result, his Bats became runners in both times. By the time he went to Inter, Cuper also came back painfully when he left Juventus in the final round of Serie A in the 2001/02 season.

A typical Argentinian, Cuper is extremely tough. “I don’t believe in curse or spiritual things. I do not think the bad luck is always hanging on me. Because I lost to very strong teams in the finals. ” It was Cuper’s answer before he joined Egypt in the AFCON 2017 final against Cameroon.

But even though Egypt rose ahead of Cameroon, there was an opportunity to increase the gap in the first half, but ended up turning against them and losing again to Cuper as a fate, after Cameroon suddenly swept upstream to win the final with a score of 2-1.

“The dark gene of the Argentines” also appeared in another fellow of Hector Cuper, Diego Simeone. Although not absolute to the extent of the terrible as the senior because Simeone also won the La Liga championship, the King’s Cup and the Europa League, but El Cholo’s Atletico Madrid can be more glorious if there are no second runners at La 2017/18 Liga and especially in the Champions League finals 2013/14 and 2015/16.

And Cuper’s gray road, if it is necessary to find a worthy minister, can only be Juergen Klopp. The German strategist is not yet winning glory. But over time, each of his finals was a failure, stretching from Dortmund to Liverpool.

Speaking of Klopp is referring to the runner-up title. Indeed, the German coach holds a record of 6 consecutive failures in the finals (excluding Super Cup). 3 times with Dortmund and 3 times with Liverpool. Back in time, Klopp’s first two victories in the finals were the German National Cup final and the Champions League final in the 2012/13 season.

Particularly in the Champions League final, Dortmund did not play badly but the goal of Arjen Robben ended all hope of teachers and students Klopp. Also, this strategist has a “treble” that no one wants to win a runner-up title in all 3 arenas, with the Bundesliga second. A true tragedy for Klopp’s teachers and students, especially when he saw the rival Bayern Munich “eat three”.

After that, Jurgen Klopp parted with Dortmund by failing at the German Cup final, although the opponent was Wolfsburg, not Bayern Munich. A match that seemed to have Dortmund sure won.

Moving to Liverpool, the 2016/17 season, Klopp and his students had a second double when they failed in the League Cup finals and the Europa League. In it, the Liverpool League Cup final has lost to Man City himself.

And last season, Liverpool became the Champions League runner-up when they lost 1-3 to Real Madrid in the final in Kiev. That led to the fact that although Klopp has been considered professionally successful at Liverpool, until now Klopp has not given any title to Anfield.

In fact, blaming Klopp is not enough when it comes to adding the “heavy” element of Liverpool for nearly three decades. Since England’s highest tournament to become the Premier League, Liverpool have 3 times to reach the championship in the seasons 2001/02, 2008/09 and 2013/14. In turn, the likes of Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen, Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres, Luis Suarez and especially Steven Gerrard are unable to break the “juggernaut” of The Kop.

On July 4, 1969, John Lennon – son of Liverpool harbor – released a single “Give Peace a chance – Give Hoa Binh a chance.” The song quickly became the hit of the anti-war music wave, and became the maxim, the slogan of many peace events.

But the opportunity for peace is something beautiful that is fragile and untrue. It’s like Liverpool’s current Premier League championship. Very glorious, glistening but only bubbles of light-refracted soap.

That irony comes from the race of a race to the Premier League title. Before Manchester derby, Liverpool led the rankings but Man City played less than one match. Now, after the derby, Man City re-took the first place with 1 more point than Liverpool and the season has only 2 rounds to finish the curtain.

1 point is obviously very fragile, but that boundary is not easy for Liverpool to conquer. 2 rounds can happen up to 18 ability to win, draw, lose with two teams but it is the only thing that is interested in whether Man City has a foot or not. It is a prerequisite for The Kop to end its long-lasting thirst for 30 years.

However, after overcoming the challenge at Old Trafford, it is hopeful that Man City will lose Liverpool. Because Man City rivals encounter in the rest of the season is quite gentle.

After just overcame Burnley (1-0 round 36) quite hard, next Man City will wait for Leicester City at Etihad in the penultimate round. At the latest reception, the teachers and Pep Guardiola won 5-1. Finally, in the final round, Man City was a guest of Brighton, the team that the last four encounters, Man City all won.

In short, Liverpool face the risk of becoming the greatest runner-up in history, now having 91 points, more than two points from the record of a Premier League history runner-up Manchester United. get the 2011/12 season.

Therefore, Pep Guardiola just said that Liverpool or Manchester City deserve to be crowned after what has been performed. With the current score, Liverpool have won more points than the last 3/5 season champion. Newly destined to tease Jurgen Klopp in particular and Liverpool in general. Liverpool still struggled with the championship dream, while Klopp was labeled “the second king”.

The Kop kick is great but still can’t win the Premier League. A lot of Man United fans like to talk about it like Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney … those who would rather watch Man City continue to lift the cup than Liverpool for the first time. Obviously, look at the reality of the rival Man United, NHM Liverpool have the right to ridicule everything.

But remember, since Sir Alex retired, the Reds have won five more titles, while the traditional Liverpool room doesn’t bring in another trophy. Manchester United’s darkest period is still more than the most sublime phase of Liverpool this decade.

Especially when they are second in the Premier League 2018/19!

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