Fernando Llorente: The last roar of the ‘Lion King’

Harry Kane was injured, suspended Son Heung-min and Fernando Llorente could be given a chance at the semi-final Champions League match against Ajax. This is almost the last great battle of the striker, nicknamed “Lion King” (El Rey Leon), before parting with Tottenham at the end of the season.

Fernando Llorente is going through a rather strange season. In the summer of 2018, the 34-year-old should have sold out of Tottenham if Mauricio Pochettino was given money to buy a younger striker. In the first two and a half months of the season, the Spanish striker could only play five times. And in the winter transfer window, he came back to Bilbao a little bit more if Spurs did not reject the Basque club’s offer.

But only 4 months later, Llorente could be the main player in the semifinals of the Champions League with Ajax. Kane’s injury and Son’s suspension are giving him or Lucas Moura an opportunity to play early in the encounter with the Dutch team. And if luck continues to smile, the Lion King can end this season with the Champions League final.

“That can happen,” Llorente replied to the press with a smile. The striker also said: “It’s hard to have a chance to play a match like this. But if you keep your faith and keep on fighting, the opportunity will come. Now I need to fight for both Kane and Son. Because surely, they are uncomfortable when sitting outside ”. Of course, whether Llorente can get the main kick depends on the decision of Coach Pochettino. But whenever the team needs it, he will be ready.

At the age of 34, Llorente understands what he can do. He himself admitted: “I am not a young player, but I have experience. It is important that I always fight hard. ” But Tottenham will definitely need Llorente’s experience, in the confrontation with youthful Ajax team. Because the Spanish player is no stranger to the atmosphere in the Champions League, and once with Juventus reached the final of the 2014/15 season.

Of course, the last task of a striker is still scoring. In this respect, it is clear that Llorente does not provide guarantees like Kane, Son or even Dele Alli. However, the lucky thing for Spurs is that the Lion King has never lost the killer instinct. The number of 8 goals on all fronts may not be that much for a striker, but it is no less known that this season Llorente has just made a total of 1,027 minutes. And Tottenham fans must still not forget, the Spanish striker is the hero who brought them into the semifinals with a shortened score to 3-4 in the quarter-final match against Man City.

It was a goal with a … hip, made the goal probably just over 1 meter and if not Llorente, any player standing in this position could make a goal. But without it, now Tottenham has been eliminated. Thanks to that goal, Spurs stepped into the semifinals. And now, the fans of the London team are waiting for the Lion King to take the last roar, before leaving at the end of the season.

The most important goal of his career

Llorente admitted that the goal to reduce the score to 3-4 for Tottenham in the Champions League quarter-final match against Man City was the most important goal of his career. The Spanish striker said: “It is definitely the most important table in my career!”

During his career, Llorente scored 196 goals after 605 matches for 7 different clubs.

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