Does Liverpool have to throw away the championship by hand?

Liverpool went through an explosive season with 97 points. However, that is still not enough for The Kop to top the Premier League.

Last night, the 4-1 victory against Brighton helped Man City successfully defend the championship convincingly, despite Liverpool taking down Wolves 2-0. Many fans claim that it was the “Red Brigade” that threw itself away because there was a period when they abandoned the way City rivals to 7 points on the rankings. However, is this completely correct?

1. The final failure despite leading at Christmas

In the history of Premier League, most of the top teams in the Christmas period were crowned at the end of the season, except for Liverpool. The Kop has undergone three consecutive seasons, such as 2008/09, 2013/14 and 2018/19. However, instead of blaming The Kop, we should objectively acknowledge that they were unfortunate because of the appearance of another excellent team in the tournament.

Ending this season with 97 points, only 2 clubs have more points than Liverpool are Man City this season and Man City last season. With such a terrible score, the Merseyside Reds should have won, only regret that Pep Guardiola’s City is even better. Statistics indicate that Liverpool earned an average of 2.55 points in the Premier League this season – an impressive number.

2. Dropping 7 points advantage over Man City

In addition to leading at Christmas, Liverpool also entered the calendar year 2019 with 7 more points than Man City. However, over time, the gap is gradually leveled up, even letting The Citizens pass with 1 more point. Even Pep had to admit that he was surprised because his team could catch up to Liverpool with such a great distance. “It was really a dream. I didn’t think Man City could catch up to Liverpool when we were seven points behind them in early 2019”.

Obviously, if you criticize Liverpool one, you have to compliment Man City ten, because the green half of Manchester has shown tremendous power. In fact, since the start of the 2019 calendar year, Liverpool have only dropped 11 points after 18 matches, including the only defeat in the whole season against Man City. At the same time, Man City dropped only 3 points. They won all matches except for a 2-1 defeat to Newcastle at the end of January. In total, Liverpool dropped 17 points throughout the season, and once again they collapsed against City better.

3. The goalless draw against Man United and Everton

Many fans will look at the poor results throughout the season to show Liverpool “throwing the tournament”. However, they will hardly find a match to retaliate The Kop. The two 0-0 draws against Man United and Everton looked pretty bad in theory. However, the fact that these two matches were extremely difficult.

M.U at that time was playing well and they were determined to avoid losing points in order to raise their hopes for Top 4. With a strong defensive squad, the Red Devils made The Kop completely deadlocked. Also in the Merseyside derby with Everton, Liverpool hit a Jordan Pickford catching up on the field. That’s not to mention The Toffees held tight defenses with two blocks blocking Michael Keane and Kurt Zouma.

4. The “poor” form of the attacking trio

Mohamed Salah and two other teammates on the attack are judged to play under this season. Last season, Salah trio – Sadio Mane – Roberto Firmino contributed to 57 goals in the Premier League. Salah personally pocketed 32 tables and held the Golden Shoe.

But this season, Salah – Mane – Firmino has contributed 56 goals in the Premier League and this number is even more evenly spread. Both Salah and Mane ended the season with 22 goals, through which Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang became “Scorer”. It is true that there was a time when Liverpool’s trio lost form, especially Salah and Firmino, but The Kop still has goals from many other places – something they didn’t do last season.

Apart from the Salah trident – Mane – Firmino, the other Liverpool players have scored a total of 30 goals this season, 5 more than the season 2017/18.

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