De Bruyne still has not finished “spicy” Mourinho

Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne has revealed that coach Jose Mourinho only sees him as the last choice when he is in the Chelsea club.

In January 2012, Chelsea spent £ 7 million on Kevin De Bruyne from Belgium’s Genk club. In his career, De Bruyne used to play for Chelsea in the period 2012-2014.

But he only had a total of nine matches for the London club, the rest was lent to Werder Bremen. Next, Chelsea sold De Bruyne to Wolfsburg for £ 18 million before City had to spend £ 55 million to bring him back to England.

Currently, De Bruyne is one of the best midfielders in the Premier League and the world. But whenever he remembers his time at Chelsea, De Bruyne shared about Mourinho’s coach being too strict and treating him unfairly.

“In the pre-season training season of Chelsea, everything went very well. I was kicked in 2 of the first 4 games of the season and thought I was playing quite well. Not too explosive but relatively good. to the fourth match, everything suddenly turned. Then I sat on the bench and almost never had a chance again, “De Bruyne recalls.

“I did not receive an explanation and for some reason, I was not allowed to use it either. Mourinho then called me to his office in December and that was the moment that changed my life, yes. Perhaps the second largest in my life, he pointed to a few sheets of paper saying “1 assist, 0 goals, 10 attempts to regain control of the ball.

It took me a minute to realize what he was going to say to me. Then he began reading the parameters of other attackers like Willian, Oscar, Mata, Schuerrle and like, 5 goals, 10 assists, or something. Mourinho must have been waiting for me to say something, and finally I said, ‘but … some of them played 15-20 matches. I can only play 3 matches. So things will be different, right? ‘.

Strange. Then we talked about how I will continue to go on loan. At that time, Mata was not used well and Mourinho also told me: ‘You know, if Mata is gone, you will be the 5th choice, instead of the 6th like today’.

I had to answer honestly then: ‘I feel the club doesn’t really want me here. I want to play football and he better sell me than that. ‘

I think Mourinho was a bit disappointed when I said that, but I thought, he understood how much I wanted to play. Finally, the club sold me and to them, it was not a serious problem. Chelsea collected twice the amount they had spent to buy me ”, De Bruyne pityed the story.

Since the day he joined Man City, De Bruyne has won 1 Premier League championship and 3 League trophies. Currently, he is working with the Green Man towards the “4 eat” this season.

At this time, De Bruyne and his team won the League Cup, entered the FA Cup final (against Watford), the Champions League quarter-finals (against Tottenham) and ranked second in the Premier League (2 points behind Liverpool but less. 1 match).

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