Champions League semi-finals in 2018/19: Crazy madness

The 2018 Champions League has just undergone the semi-finals that are considered the most crazy and dramatic ever. The fact that Tottenham and Liverpool create the final of the whole England is not really a quake, the impression here is how they overcame their opponents.

Liverpool, Tottenham write fairy tales

Neither Liverpool nor Tottenham have much hope to go on because of the bitter defeat in the first leg. While Liverpool lost 0-3 at Barcelona, ​​Tottenham also lost 0-1 to Ajax despite playing at home. However, the miracle happened when Liverpool was in a situation where there was nothing to lose that created the earthquake when crushing Barca 4-0 to slip through the narrow door.

Tottenham’s victory was even more dramatic, because it was only until the final hour of the second leg, they defeated Ajax 3-2 (home team 2-0 in the first half) to continue with the away goal law.

The emotional re-enactment

Two clashes between British representatives and Barca and Tottenham are opportunities for many players to meet their former team. Here are the cases of Philippe Coutinho, Luis Suarez (who played for Liverpool before moving to Barca), Christian Eriksen, Jan Vertonghen or Toby Alderweireld (the former Ajax players).

If Tottenham’s trio were quiet when they reunited with Ajax, then what Coutinho and Suarez have made journalists spend a lot of ink. Evidence that Coutinho played extremely badly and was replaced halfway through both matches. There is information after the shameful defeat at Anfield, BLD Barca has no longer considered the player who was booed by the culians themselves. For his part, Suarez made a bad impression when constantly aggressing with Liverpool players. In addition, the Uruguayan striker did not hesitate to celebrate when he broke the old team.

From the top to the deep

Crushing Liverpool’s heavy competitor 3-0 in the first leg, it is not surprising that Barca is reportedly flattered to the blue sky. Feeling, the media is no longer beautiful enough to praise the super performance of Lionel Messi and his teammates. Yet only a week later, the wind changed direction when the Barca players and coach Valverde suffered the most difficult attacks. This is also understandable because the Catalan giant has had a second consecutive season for opponents to come up against the Champions League knockout round.

The same thing happens with Ajax. From the praised place after excelling over Real, Juventus and winning Tottenham in the first leg, the young Dutch team fell straight to the ground after only one match. This is a consequence of the fact that many of their heroes have become criminals because of the extremely blameful mistakes at the most important time. That is not to mention Coach Ten Hag is also criticized for the lack of smart moves that make Ajax lose even though they have a huge advantage in their hands.

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