Barca 3-0 Liverpool: Messi and Suarez beat Liverpool

Lionel Messi’s double goal and Luis Suarez’s opening goal gave Barca a 3-0 victory over Liverpool, putting a foot in the final.

Barca: Suarez (26 ‘), Messi (75, 82’)

Entering the life-and-death match with Barca on the Nou Camp, coach Juergen Klopp did not play two very important players in Liverpool’s squad, young defender Trent Alexander-Arnold and striker Roberto Firmino. The duo of this player has health problems and can only be on the bench. Meanwhile, the Barca host has his best stars, especially the reunion of two former Liverpool players, Philippe Coutinho and Luis Suarez.

Like the match against M.U in the quarter-finals also on the Nou Camp, Barca players enter quite slowly and appear to be inferior to the initiative coming from the Liverpool team. Besides, the heavy rain before the game made the field slippery, so the situations of handling the ball at the high speed of the two teams were not really accurate and the ball often rolled in the middle of the field.

At the beginning of the first 15 minutes of the match, there was no finishing touch by the two teams. The most notable situations came from the clash between Gerard Pique and Sadio Mane in the 9th minute as well as a touch of Joel Matip’s ball in the 13th minute. Financial Bjorn Kuipers refused to use VAR technology.

It was not until the 15th minute that Philippe Coutinho released a shot to hit the first goal, but Alisson failed to stop it. This situation also originated in the exciting posture after that, when the two teams continued to have retaliatory pieces. However, efficiency is something that Liverpool’s visitors do not have, often dealing with mistakes in the final phases.

When Liverpool did not take advantage of their chances, Barca made them pay the price. In 26 minutes, Arturo Vidal flicked a cross ball for Coutinho on the left wing. The Brazilian made a back pass for Jordi Alba to cross over and there was an assist to tear up Liverpool’s defense so Luis Suarez snuck into the gap between the two midfielder Matip – Van Dijk and touched the ball with a high-level shoe. match.

After Suarez’s goal, the match continued at a very fast pace with the phase of the sharp attack of two players. However, there were no extra goals and the two teams left the field with a temporary 1-0 victory to the home team.

Entering the second half, Barca continued to actively back down the match for Liverpool. It is this that helps the guest players get dangerous threats. In the first 15 minutes of the second half, James Milner and Salah exchanged three powerful and dangerous shots, but were saved by Ter Stegen.

Realizing the danger of the Liverpool side, coach Ernesto Valverde decided to withdraw Coutinho to leave Nelson Semedo to reinforce the right-hand corridor, pushing Sergi Roberto to strengthen the midfield. This makes Liverpool’s situations become deadlocked and cannot create a danger.

And like in the first round, Barca taught Liverpool a lesson about pragmatism. The Nou Camp team did not create many opportunities but still knew how to take advantage of the goal. After 75 minutes, after an effort to break the ball of the visiting team to the right position of Suarez, the player hit the crossbar. Messi quickly came and scored the easiest goal in his career, when in front of him was an empty goal.

By 82 minutes, Messi completed the double goal, and also set up the 600th career in the career for Barca with a superb free-kick from a distance of over 20m. The ball from the Argentine superstar’s feet went straight into the A corner, making Alisson’s flying phase just to be the background for a masterpiece.

Liverpool had a reason to regret it, because they had an excellent game but were denied the luck, when Salah was at a distance of 6 meters to hit the vertical post even though Barca’s goal was empty. To lose 0-3, the opportunity for Liverpool for the second consecutive time in the Champions League final is becoming very obscure.

Messi had the 600th goal in the Barca shirt after completing a double against Liverpool. With this 3-0 victory, Barca also became the second team in history after Real Madrid to score 500 goals in the European Champions League / Champions League.

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