5 points Man City 4-3 Tottenham: Pep has not escaped “curse Messi”, VAR made Son cry tears

Man City and Tottenham have played a match that can be rated the most attractive Champions League this season. Here are 5 notable highlights after the epic battle ended.

1. Sterling mastered Pep’s “secret”

Raheem Sterling is a talented England winger a few seasons ago. However, when Pep Guardiola arrived in Man City, he gradually turned his teacher into a real goalscorer. Last night, Sterling scored two goals against Tottenham. They all need the charm of a top killer.

At the first goal, Sterling cleverly dribbled and slipped the ball into the far corner. At the second goal, he continued to be in the right hot spot after Kevin De Bruyne’s horizontal stretch to kick Hugo Lloris. Sterling had a good night’s sleep if the referee Cuneyt Cakir recognized his 90 + 2 goal. Unfortunately, the VAR has caused Sterling to miss the historic hat-trick.

2. Pep has not yet released “Messi curse”

This continues to be the match that Kevin De Bruyne plays or with a hat-trick created after 59 minutes. However, Man City is still severely eliminated. So from Germany to England, Pep Guardiola still cannot fulfill the dream of conquering Europe. And people have a reason to talk about “Messi curse”. Will Pep be able to win the Champions League without the help of the excellent Messi?

3. Son Heung Min saved the history book

In the context that Harry Kane was unable to play due to injury, Son played extremely well and owned a double against Man City. Two goals in the 7th and 10th minute of the Korean striker was his 12th goal in the Champions League this season. This is also an unprecedented statistic of an Asian player in the Champions League.

4. VAR made Son cry in tears

Man City surpassed a 5-3 lead in the second injury time after Sterling’s finish. Audience at Etihad and even Pep celebrated as if they were the next team. Regrettably, after watching the slow video playback, referee Cakir decided to deny this goal because of Aguero’s offside.

Pep no longer believes what happens before his eyes. The Spanish coach hugged his shocked head to see the students being eliminated in front of heaven. And Son Heung Min could not hold the happy tears when “returning from the dead”.

5. First time for the Rooster

Overall, Tottenham deserves to be in the semifinals after 180 tenacious minutes against City. This is the first time in history that Tottenham have been in the round of four strongest teams in Europe. In front of them is a youthful Ajax. A challenge is not easy but nothing prevents NHM Rooster dreaming at this time.

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