4 stars of M.U were ‘sacked’ before the Chelsea draw

A well-rounded member of Man United’s staff frankly outlined the weaknesses of the four players including Victor Lindelof, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling and Romelu Lukaku before the Chelsea draw.

Last night, M.U went through an unfortunate 1-1 draw against Chelsea. Juan Mata was the one to score the Red Devils, but David De Gea’s mistake made the Reds lose their advantage. This draw, like this, made the dream of breaking into Manchester United’s Top 4 Premier League almost smothered.

Not only that, British media said that before the game with Chelsea took place, internal MU was wobbly when a staff member of the club staff frankly criticized 4 stars Lindelof, Jones, Smalling and Lukaku.

First of all, Lindelof is said to be completely different from the legendary midfielders like Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic or Gary Pallister. Specifically, this person evaluated the Swedish player with the ability but did not dare to throw the ball – the work that the defenders have to do very well.

After that, Jones and Smalling were sent “to the cutting board”. Man United staff believe that the duo have never been excellent enough to have the main kick at the first team. Sir Alex Ferguson’s assessment was also questioned in the past, when he believed Jones could become the legendary M.U after he retired.

In the end, the staff of M.U did not understand why Juventus and Inter Milan were leading the pursuit of Lukaku – the famous striker with the ability to control a weak step. In addition, Lukaku’s large body, clumsy body is also a matter of bad criticism.

Currently, M.U is planning to clean up the forces and does not rule out the possibility that all four players above will have to leave the club.

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